Warming up a room - Pologeorgis’ Home collection.

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Posted on September 29 2020

Warming up a room - Pologeorgis’ Home collection.

Warming up a room - Pologeorgis’ Home collection

Today’s open concept design favors clean lines and uncluttered spaces.  While simplicity provides a peaceful Zen-like aesthetic, it can make your home feel a bit cold and sterile.  The warm textures and rich colors of fur - Mink, Mongolian Lamb, Feathered Fox, Coyote - in a POLOGEORGIS blanket, throw, pillow or an area rug, lend charm and character to the harsh metal, glass, wood, and concrete often used in modern design. Pologeorgis’ Home Décor collection invites you to reach out and touch it, run your fingers through it, walk bare foot over it and wrap yourself up in it.

Scatter a few mongolian lamb or mink intarsia pillows to add pattern, texture, color – and a cozy vibe -  to your family room.

Sable Pillow

Drape a luxurious feathered fox throw over a sofa or chair or at the foot of your bed to add a warm, cozy layers and invite cuddling together on the couch.

Fur Blanket

Place a coyote rug on the floor of your sitting room or bedroom to define the space and soften the severity of concrete, tile or wood floors – and kick off your shoes – you’re home.

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