Pologeorgis founder Stanley Pologeorgis emigrated from Greece as a child after the Nazi occupation and civil war decimated his village. After serving in the US Navy Stanley Pologeorgis found a job sweeping the floors in a fur factory. He apprenticed and eventually became a master furrier. 


This story is the American Dream, he built Pologeorgis Furs from nothing through hard work and dedication. Our company’s story is not unique- Hard working, industrious immigrants continue to form the backbone of the fur market today.

Stanley Pologeorgis founder of Pologeorgis

The Bill to Ban Fur in NYC would not just put our business at risk, but also more than 140 furriers in New York City who employ over 1,100 people. It would also impact many retail stores that sell products that contain fur material. Garment district businesses also stand to lose significant income. 3.3 billion dollars will be lost in 10 years in tax revenues.  

Pologeorgis - #NOFURBAN

Please follow the link below, to protect your consumer rights and save our family-owned business.

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Pologeorgis Team