Fur Cleaning, Care & Storage in New York

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Posted on September 25 2020

Fur Cleaning, Care & Storage in New York

Fur Cleaning, Care & Storage in New York

As autumn turns to winter in New York, the nights grow longer, the days shorter and a chill fills the air. You wear your fur coat to stay warm and dry and still look beautiful throughout the long winter.  While your fur coat is extremely durable, it does need some special attention to keep it looking and feeling soft and luxurious year after year.  Your treasured fur is not just the most elegant accoutrement to your winter wardrobe but an investment, and if you care for your fur coat properly, you will wear it for a lifetime.  Fur is organic, so it is important to regularly care for and clean each of your fur garments to prolong the life and look of the fur.  While it is easy to care for your fur coat on a day to day basis, from time to time your coat will need professional attention.  Fortunately, at Pologeorgis Furs, a luxury fur atelier, we offer extensive cleaning, repair, and storage services right in our showroom at 143 West 29th Street, in New York City.   Please visit http://pologeorgis.com/storage for more information on our full suite of storage, repair and cleaning services.


DIY Fur Cleaning

  • If you get caught in light rain, simply shake out your coat to remove the raindrops from the fur and let it air-dry. Hang your coat on a sturdy, broad, padded hanger in a well-ventilated room with ample space around it and away from any sources of direct heat, such as a radiator.  Please do not use a hair dryer or any other form of direct heat on your coat.  Heat will damage and dry out the fur. After your fur coat has air dried, do not try to use a brush on it. Instead, simply shake your coat out or brush through the fur with your fingers. However, if your fur coat is completely soaked through, it will need immediate, professional attention.  In that case, bring your fur coat to the expert fur consultants at Pologeorgis Furs for proper care and conditioning.  Pologeorgis Furs provides complimentary pickup and delivery in Manhattan.


Professional Fur Cleaning

While it is fairly easy to clean your fur coat yourself after a light rain, it is important to consult with a reputable furrier to have your fur coat professionally cleaned and conditioned regularly.  While your fur coat may not appear to need it, your fur coat is regularly exposed to the sun, wind, rain, snow and airborne pollutants, all of which can damage and degrade the fur.  Gentle, regular cleaning is necessary to remove all microscopic dust, salt, makeup, perfume and airborne pollutants to keep your fur coat looking and feeling soft and beautiful for years to come.  We do not recommend a dry cleaner to care for your furs. Instead, seek the services of Pologeorgis’ fur care experts.  Bring your coat to our showroom at 143 West 29th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue, in New York City.  One of our expert fur consultants will carefully inspect each of your fur coats, jackets, vests, and fur accessories.  Where appropriate, we will professionally clean and condition each of your furs.  At the same time, one of our master furriers will identify and make any necessary repairs to your furs, on premises, in our own factory.   Pologeorgis Furs’ meticulous attention to detail and our use of state of the art methods and materials to clean and condition your garments serves to prolong the life and luster of your fur coats. At Pologeorgis, one of our experienced master furriers will:

  • Inspect your fur coat and its’ lining for any wear, stains, tears or rips.
  • Hand clean your coat’s lining with special attention given to any stains found during the initial inspection.
  • Your fur will then be cleaned in a specially designed drum filled with sawdust using an environmentally friendly fur cleaning solution. This painstaking process draws oil and dirt from your fur coat while protecting the fur from damage.
  • Once the tumbling process is complete, based on the individual needs of your garment, your fur is either hand steamed or vacuumed using specialized machinery to remove any residue from the cleaning process.
  • Finally, one of our master furriers will perform a process called “electrifying” in which large rollers are used to lift the hair off your fur coat, in the same way, static makes the hair on our body rise. This finishing process causes the fur in your coat to fluff and lie in one direction leaving your fur looking lustrous and vibrant.


Regular Care Tips for Fur Coats

  • Be sure to hang each of your fur coats on a broad-shoulder, sturdy padded hanger with plenty of room between each garment to encourage proper air circulation. Using a thin hanger may cause the shoulders of your fur coat to lose their shape.
  • Do not store your fur coat in a plastic garment bag or cover your fur in bags of any kind. Plastic bags will prevent air circulation and storing your coat in plastic will cause the pelts to eventually dry out or crack. Storing your fur coat in a cloth bag will tend to crush the fur where the bag rests against the fur
  • Do not store your fur coat in a cedar closet. Cedarwood absorbs moisture, which can dry out your fur.  Also, cedar wood will not protect your fur coat from dust. 
  • Do not store your fur coat with mothballs. Mothballs react with the moisture in the air to produce a gas which acts as a fumigant.  This chemical reaction causes irreparable damage to your fur.
  • Be sure to have small rips or tears in the fur or lining of your coat repaired immediately. This will prevent more expensive repairs in the future.
  • Always store your fur coat in a professional, climate controlled storage vault in the spring or during prolonged periods of unused. Pologeorgis Furs offers secure, onsite fur, shearling and leather storage in vaults which maintain optimal temperature, humidity level, and light conditions to prevent the loss of your furs’ natural oils and preserve its beauty and shine.
  • Have the experts at Pologeorgis Furs regularly clean and condition your fur coat to remove dirt and environmental contaminants to keep your fur soft and add luster and shine.
  • Avoid spraying yourself with hairspray or perfume after putting on your fur coat. Most of these products contain alcohol and can dry your coat’s pelts and stiffen its fur over time.
  • Do not leave jewelry permanently pinned to your fur coat or wear a shoulder bag for too long to avoid matting the fur.

Entrust your precious furs to the master furriers at Pologeorgis to clean, repair and store your fur coats and you will be sure to enjoy your treasured furs for a lifetime.  For more information on our full suite of storage and cleaning services, please call 212.563.2250 or e-mail storage@pologeorgis.com.

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