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Mink, the standard bearer of furs, is farm-raised around the globe and available in natural and dyed colors. The darkest natural color is commonly referred to as ‘ranch’. The best pelts are lightweight with a dense, soft underfur and short guard hair and worked vertically or horizontally in numerous ways, including knitted or sheared. Sourced from NAFA.


Russian sable, the most prized fur in the world, is renowned for its warmth, silkiness, and lightness. Available in shades ranging from extra dark to golden brown it is the most expensive fur, especially with an abundance of lustrous, silver guard hairs. Sourced from NAFA.

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Beaver, one of the warmest furs, is characterized by extremely dense underfur and long, glossy guard hair in colors ranging from nearly black to blonde. It is often sheared and dyed.

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Chinchilla, sold at a significantly higher price point, is the softest and most delicate fur, and natural colors include shades of grey, black, white; however, it is frequently dyed an array of vibrant colors.

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Fox, available in natural and dyed colors, is a popular fur and worn in a variety of ways. Depending upon the species the long, glossy hair can either be thick and soft or dense and spikey. Types of fox include silver fox, blue fox, shadow fox, and arctic fox. Sourced from Saga Furs.

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Raccoon, a highly durable fur, is characterized by dense, wooly underfur and long guard hairs, making it one of the warmest furs. Naturally it is grey and black, but can be dyed.

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There are several different species of lamb, which are available in natural and dyed colors.

  • Swakara, one of the oldest breeds of domesticated sheep in the world, have soft and lustrous, wavy curls. It has the appearance of three-dimensional moiré fabric.
  • Shearling, a Merino lamb whose hair is either short and very tightly curled or sheared and ironed with the opposing side leatherized or sueded, can be worn with the fur on the exterior or interior of the garment.
  • Toscana lamb is a dense, medium-length fur with a slightly tighter curl and can be worn with the fur on the exterior or interior.
  • Tigrados lamb is a thick, medium-length fur with a slightly tighter curl and can be worn with the fur on the exterior or interior.
  • Kalgan lamb is a soft, medium-length fur with a loose curl.
  • Tibetan or Mongolian lamb has very long and loosely curled hair. Sourced from NAFA.
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Rabbit, an ultra soft, medium length fur, can be dyed in colors. Pelts can be worked in various ways, including knitting and shearing. Rex rabbit, originally bred in Europe, has a plush, velvet-like feel to it.

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Goat is available in either super long and straight or short and thick fur. It has a naturally glossy shine and is soft to the touch. Goat is most commonly stenciled or printed with a pattern.


Coyote has a thick underfur and coarse guard hair, which make it the perfect choice for durable linings and trims, in shades of grey, cream, and tan.

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