Fur Cleaning Services

Pologeorgis is authorized as a professional fur and shearling cleaner, with more than 60 years of experience in cleaning all types of furs, fur-lined garments and shearlings. We also specialize in fur-trimmed garments, reversible garments, leathers and suedes.

What We Can Help With

Over months of winter wear, garments can benefit from a professional cleaning to restore the natural luster and shine of the furs.

  • Experts steam each garment to make the hairs plush and glossy, as well as spot clean garments and linings.
  • Our gentle cleaning process does not use water or solvents, which can damage fur.
  • Garments are tumbled in a huge drum with a natural sawdust mix, which organically removes dirt, oils, dust, pollutants, and odors. This is an effective process unique to our industry, which has been used by furriers for centuries. We never recommend entrusting your garments to a traditional dry cleaner.
  • Mongolian lamb and long hair goat garments require a special combing process.
  • Pologeorgis can clean and refresh feather garments, which also need the attention of a master craftsman.
  • We can also specially treat hats, scarves, neck warmers, fur
  • fur blankets, throws, pillows and rugs.

When Is it Time to Get My Fur Cleaned?

Fur should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and environmental contaminants.

  • Most fur garments be cleaned every other season. Mink coats should be cleaned every other year.
  • Suede shearlings need care after rain, sleet, and snow since these materials can crack and peel.
  • If you get a stain, give us a call and we will clean it as quickly as possible.
  • “New” vintage, previously-owned, or inherited furs can be cleaned and deodorized for their new owners.
  • We also offer storage in CT & NYC, as well as fur repair services along with our cleaning.

We can work with any of your existing garments. They do not have to have been purchased at Pologeorgis.

work With Us

If you are looking to work with us, please make an appointment to visit our Atelier or Flagship Store.

Pologeorgis Atelier : 143 West 29th St. New York, NY 10001

Phone: 212.563.2250

Email: info@pologeorgis.com

Greenwich Flagship : 25 Lewis St. Greenwich, CT 06830

Phone 203.266.1996

Email: greenwich@pologeorgis.com