The Short Mink Knitted Fingerless Fur Gloves
Shearling Fold Over Mittens
Shearling Mittens with Detachable Leather Straps
Knitted Mink Fur Mittens
The Short Rex Rabbit Fingerless Fur Gloves
Children's Shearling Mittens with String
Curly Merino Shearling & Leather Mittens
Knitted Shearling Fingerless Gloves

Discover Pologeorgis: Where Heritage Meets Luxury Fur 

Elevate your style with a fusion of timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. At Pologeorgis, we've been redefining opulence for over six decades, presenting fur products that epitomize enduring sophistication.

Experience True Luxury with Pologeorgis Furs 

Imagine yourself draped in a heritage fur coat, its lush texture radiating sophistication. Every fur item from Pologeorgis reflects a deep-rooted expertise, marrying tradition with innovation. Handcrafted by our artisans, each piece promises unsurpassed quality and elegance.

Commitment to Excellence 

Our dedication to heritage craftsmanship never wavers. Every detail, from each stitch to fur selection, is approached with pride. With Pologeorgis, you're not merely purchasing fur but investing in a lasting legacy of craftsmanship.

Beyond Mere Ownership: A Luxury Experience 

Wearing Pologeorgis isn't just about the fur. It's the experience and the legacy that accompanies it — an unspoken testament to timeless luxury.

Why Pologeorgis?

  1. Quality: We stand by the unmatched quality of our furs, sourced from only the finest pelts, ensuring softness and durability.
  2. Style Variety: Discover a plethora of fur styles to match every taste. Be it classic mink or opulent fox, there's something for everyone.
  3. Customization: Craft a piece that's distinctively yours with our customization options.
  4. Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainability ensures ethically sourced and produced furs.

Our Promise: Exceptional Customer Experience 

Your relationship with Pologeorgis extends beyond a transaction. Our fur specialists support you throughout your journey, and we provide expert fur storage solutions to maintain your investment's quality.

A Legacy of Luxury: Pologeorgis since 1960 

More than just a brand, Pologeorgis signifies six decades of unmatched fur craftsmanship. Our founder, Stanley Pologeorgis, envisioned a reimagined fur fashion world, and we tirelessly uphold that vision today.

Explore Our Exclusive Fur Collection

  • Mink Gloves: Experience the sheer softness and style of our mink gloves.
  • Fox Mittens: Revel in the luxurious warmth of our fox mittens.
  • Sable Gloves: Dive into sophistication with our velvety sable gloves.
  • Custom Fur Accessories: Amplify your look with our range of bespoke fur-trimmed accessories.

Wrap Up in Pologeorgis Luxury 

Step into the world of Pologeorgis fur and bask in unmatched craftsmanship. Dive into our collection today and find your perfect statement of timeless elegance.

Pologeorgis: The Pinnacle of Heritage Luxury Fur.