The Cozy Cashmere Shearling Muff Bag
Cashmere Shearling Phone Bag
The Meow Mini Mink Fur Bag
The Meow Mink Bag in Grey
The Large Signature Pouch with Gold Zip
Curly Merino Shearling Phone Bag
The Large Signature Pouch in Black with Silver
Mahogany Mink Fur & Leather Bag with Gold Chain

Luxury Heritage Furs: Elegance Meets Tradition

Dive into our curated selection of luxury heritage furs, where timeless charm pairs with master craftsmanship. With a legacy spanning over a decade, we've mastered the art of pairing discerning buyers with their dream fur pieces, ensuring each shopping encounter is a memorable one. From the instant you engage with our online platform, we strive to provide a smooth, fulfilling journey. Let us guide you through the realms of heritage fur fashion to find your ideal statement piece.

Why Opt for Our Luxury Heritage Furs?

  1. Essence of Elegance: Dive into the cozy warmth of heritage fur, a true testament to timeless grace. Each garment in our curated collection brims with sophistication, handcrafted to capture fashion's historical allure.
  2. Craftsmanship at its Best: Our furs symbolize generational dedication. Every piece, crafted by seasoned artisans, stands as an emblem of utmost quality and meticulous attention to detail.
  3. Beyond Fashion: A Legacy: Owning a heritage fur is a nod to prestige. Crafted for the discerning, our furs are more than garments – they're a connection to an age-old craft, a testament to heritage and tradition.

The Perks of Shopping with Us

  1. Tailored Experience: Choosing a heritage fur is a journey. Our team stands by you, ensuring a tailored shopping experience, whether you’re gravitating towards a classic mink or a chic fox fur stole.
  2. Unwavering Fur Care: Recognizing the essence of fur care, we extend an array of services post-purchase to keep your fur in pristine condition. Explore our climate-adapted storage solutions, safeguarding your treasured acquisitions.
  3. Beyond Furs – The Handbag Edition: While furs are our crowning glory, we're equally passionate about our handbag collection. Seamlessly integrating quality and style, each handbag piece perfectly complements your fur-centric ensemble.

Our Story: Six Decades of Excellence

From our humble beginnings in 1960, we've been steadfast in our commitment to fur fashion. As pioneers, we’ve stayed true to our ethos of offering unparalleled fur products and exceptional customer service.

Protect Your Fur: Top-Tier Storage Solutions

Preserve the beauty of your furs with our cutting-edge storage facilities. Secure and climate-adapted, they provide the perfect setting for year-round fur care.

Delve Deeper into Our Collection

  • Mink Fur Coats: Revel in the soft allure of our varied mink fur coat selections.
  • Fox Fur Stoles: Elevate your look with our sophisticated fox fur stoles.
  • Sable Fur Jackets: Experience unmatched luxury with our sumptuous sable fur jackets.
  • Elevate with Handbags: Our luxe handbags, crafted with precision, are the ideal add-ons to your fur ensemble.

To wrap up, our luxury heritage furs resonate with the eternal beauty of fur fashion. Rooted in a rich history since 1960, we're committed to gifting you top-tier fur products and unmatched service. Embark on a heritage fur journey with us, and don’t miss our elegant handbag additions. Your luxurious voyage begins here.