Happy Fourth of July!

Pologeorgis Furs

Posted on July 02 2020

                                                                                     Jenny Roberts - Director of Public Relations             

Celebrating my first July Fourth

Even though I have lived in the US for many years and New York City has been my home for more years than I can count,
this is my first proper July Fourth Celebration. My first as a US citizen (formerly a servant of her majesty the Queen!!).
Pologeorgis has a long history of employing talented workers from across the world.
Much like New York City itself, Pologeorgis is a melting pot of people from different nationalities, cultures, religions, many speaking different languages.
The Pologeorgis family, founders of our company hailed from Crete and started the fur business over 60 years ago.
Pologeorgis has highly skilled workers from all over Greece making our designer fur garments. 
We have seamstresses who bring their unique skills and experience from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.
In addition to workers from Honduras and Ecuador, Pakistan, the Philippines, Guyana, and Germany.
Each worker brings the same commitment to hard work and is eager for the opportunity to build a future for their families.
Taking advantage of the freedom to create beautifully handcrafted fur garments.  Each mink coat, sable jacket, or shearling vest is touched but the history of the artisans and the cultures of the individual workers.
Pologeorgis is a mini melting pot with immigrants from across the world. Each person proudly working together to create fur garments in New York City and pursuing their version of the American Dream.
To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson
All men are created equal with the right to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Happy July Fourth

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