More Stars in Pologeorgis Furs ! Celebrities in Furs part 2

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Posted on February 21 2021

More Stars in Pologeorgis Furs !  Celebrities in Furs part 2

More stars and celebs in Pologeorgis Furs. Part 2 - More sightings to share. We had so many great photos of celebs in furs we are starting another blog. Stars love all types of furs, from mink coats, mink jackets, fox fur jackets, fur and of course luxury furs like Russian sable and chinchilla are always popular. 

la la

1.  La La always looks amazing and naturally gorgeous. Seen here in Pologeorgis fox fur multi color jacket. La La is a long time and loyal fur wearing. She loves a fox fur jacket moment and pairs her luxe look with a classic white t shirt  and jeans. She is known to love mink coats and mink jackets. 

La La 

La La in Victor Glemaud x Pologeorgis Clementine fur coat straight from the runway fall 2022 as seen at #NYFW. Her simple monocromatic shift dress matches her designer fur perfectly. 

2. Is there a bigger star right now than Lil Nas X ? He is known as a fashion innovator and fashion revolutionary/ His style breaks all the rules and crosses all boundaries. Shown here in WSJ in Pologeorgis fox fur stole. "The New King of Pop" says WSJ in a recent story 

lil nas x wsj

lil nas x

3. Paris Hilton in white fox stole. Always a star Paris is known to love all furs from Russian Sable to Chinchilla. 

Paris Hilton

We will always have Paris! Socialite (and newly wed!)  Paris Hilton wearing a classic white fox stole by Pologeorgis, As seen on the cover of Bella Magazine. 

4. Iggy Azzalea Australian Rapper is always "Fancy"  She wears a blue fox fur stole on the cover of Fashion Magazine Cosmo, She is a big fan of mink coats, mink jacket and luxury furs Russian Sable and Chinchilla

 iggy azaleaa

5. Another cover for Pologeorgis Furs.!! Who said you cant wear fur in the summer? Bright blue fox stole by Pologeorgis, As seen on the cover of Cosmopolitan on singer/rapper  and style icon Iggy Azalea 

charlie xcx

 Another COSMOPOLITIAN shoot featured a sharp animal print goat coat on Charli XCX ? A classic fur coat worn in a contemporary and youthful way. It is a vintage fur inspired look. Fur coat by Pologeorgis, Stylists love the fur coats and fur jacket options that only Pologeorgis carries at the New York Showroom. Known for the best quality of mink coats, mink jacket and mink vests. Stylists come to Pologeorgis when they need to shop for a fur coat, 

 kim kardasian

6. Kim Kardashian looking sexy in Pologeorgis silver fox classic short jacket. A portrait in black and white fur  as seen in GQ. Silver fox is known for the natural degradation of black and white furs making it look silvery grey. Silver fox fur is very warm. Made in New York by Pologeorgis 

azelia banks

7. Another sultry singer in Pologeorgis Furs. Singer Azelea Banks is known for her vocal range. She has mastered R & B as well as rap. Be sure to check out her new single  Shot in knitted fox fur cape for Mastermind Magazine. Fox fur is a very versitile .  It can be a knitted fur which makes it very lightweight and soft.


8. Another Rihanna sighting !! Rihanna is a loyal fan of Pologeorgis Furs, She loves to wear a fox fur stole as part of any outfit, As seen at a music festival in Miami, She loves a fox stole fashion moment to when when Rhianna wore of pink fox stole to accept her award for the CFDA Style icon award.


neil patrick harris

 9. Grey shearling scarf as seen on the dapper actor Neil Patrick Harris. Add a shearling scarf and it makes the outfit.  As seen in Vanity Fair , Mens Fur collection at or shop the curated selection at Pologeorgis Greenwich 25 Lewis Street. Pologeorgis has a full line of mens fur lined vests, mens shearlling jackets, fur lined bomber jackets for men. 


10. Last but not least,  Super Star Monica in Pologeorgis, This multi talented  singer and actress is a long time fan of Pologeorgis Furs  Seen here in a long red sheared mink coat, Next up for Monica a country album, is there nothing she cant do?


Stay tuned for more stars in Pologeorgis Fur 




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