4 Ideas: What to Do With Older Fur Coats

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Posted on March 29 2024

4 Ideas:  What to Do With Older Fur Coats

What to Do With Older Fur Coats: 4 Ideas

Fur coats are luxurious fashion pieces, intended to last decades if taken care of properly. However, fashion trends change over time, and many people find themselves with older fur coats that they no longer wear.  If you inherited a piece or bought one years ago, it’s understandable that you may find it outdated or simply not need it anymore. At this point, you may be wondering what to do with an old fur coat. Here are some options to consider for moving on with your vintage pieces.

1) Restyle or Remodel Your Fur Coat

If your fur coat is outdated you can get it professionally restyled for a better fitting and modern look. Whether you want to remove the sleeves of your coat and turn it into a vest, or want to make it into a fur liner for a raincoat or cloth coat. There  are endless ways to make your vision a reality. Additionally, if you inherited a fur coat with a monogram, you can remove the monogram and add a new one. If you are in New York or Connecticut, Pologeorgis specializes in fur restyling fur garments. Just because a fur coat has passed through generations doesn’t mean it can’t  be on trend again.

2) Repurpose Your Fur

If you want to find a new purpose for your old fur coat, consider reworking the fur into a new style or smaller piece. Bomber jackets and hooded jackets are popular styles for repurposing furs such as mink, fox and sable. For example, the fur can be used to create accessories, such as a long  scarf, collar or cuffs. Fur vests are an ideal way to rework a fur into a more modern item.  Additionally, fur coats can be transformed into home decor, such as blankets and pillows if the garment is not viable to make into a new garment. On one hand, you are creating pieces that you can wear or use more often. On the other hand, you want to be sure you are ready to change your old fur coat because you won’t be able to retrieve it once it is repurposed. 

3) Pass on Your Fur Coat to Family or Friends

Professional cold storage is important for the condition and maintaince of furs. Well stored and properly taken care of fur coats can last decades. Fur garments can become cherished heirloom pieces. These pieces are usually passed down and inherited  through generations. If you have a family member or close friend who will appreciate the sentimental or practical value of your fur coat, consider passing it on to them. Before you pass it on, make sure you have cleaned and stored the fur coat properly. Additionally, be sure you are giving your coat to someone responsible who will take care of its fur properly. If you don’t have use for your fur coat anymore give it to someone who will love the style and make new memories wearing it.

4) Donate or Sell Your Fur Coat

Although fur coats are generally passed on through family, donating and selling are other options to give away your furs. You may be able to sell fur coats online or at consignment shops that specialize in vintage clothing. If you prefer to donate, there are many charities and organizations that will accept used fur coats. There is always someone who will appreciate the vintage style of the coat or need the fur coat to stay warm throughout the winter.

There are many different ways to give your older fur coat a second life, whether you choose to keep it or pass it on. From restyling or repurposing to donating or selling, consider which option is best for you to preserve the memories and appreciation for your fur coat.

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