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Cold Fur Storage.  Why is it necessary to properly store your furs?

We are going to discuss why exactly it is necessary to properly store your fur coats in the offseason. If you did not already know that this article is very informative for you but if you do know then well, pass it on to someone who can use the advice.

Importance of properly storing your Furs

Slows Down Biodegradation

As fur is a biological material and is made up of molecules that can degenerate, store the fur coats in a cold temperature slows down this process. The temperature and humidity controlled storages help prolong the life of your furs and keep them in a good condition until next winters. However, don’t get carried away and freeze the coat altogether as it shrinks the fur and it loses its integrity.

Prevents Evaporation of Oils

The fur feels so soft to touch because of all the natural oils in it. Improper storage conditions make those oils evaporate and as a result, the fur starts to degenerate, the fur loses its shine and luster. Cold storages decrease the risk and process of evaporation of these natural oils. This keeps the fur soft and pliable for many years after you bought it.

Maintains Aesthetic Appeal

If not stored properly the fur coat could lose its aesthetic appeal and charm. Nothing makes it lose its integrity like hot, damp spaces with no air to breathe. The cold storages provide your fur coat an environment to thrive in which keeps it from the damp and hot weather. Maintaining its natural appeal and allowing you to enjoy it for a very long time.

Ideal Storage Condition for your Furs

The ideal storage condition for your fur coat is in a cold storage with the temperature maintained in the range of 50 to 60 Fahrenheit or 10 to 15-degree Centigrade with 45% to 55% humidity. It is not advisable to store your furs in plastic garment bags or storage closets with too much stuff inside. Instead, wrap them in a cotton cloth and let air circulate in the storage compartment.

The best way to store your furs without any hassle is to drop them off to be stored in a retail storage space. For residents of the New York City, Pologeorgis is the best place to store your fur coats at. They not only offer a pick-n-drop service in Manhattan free of charge. But also inspect the garments once they arrive at their store and inform you if there is any damage or if repairs are needed.