A remodel story

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Posted on September 29 2020

A remodel story

A remodel story 

 This spring we started on an interesting project that was bought to us by one of our favorite and might I say most stylish clients. She is really one of the most influential women in fashion and a real mover and shaker within the industry. Always ahead of the curve – the first to know what is cool and always knowing what will be trending next year and beyond.  So when she came to us with this simple idea – I knew it was genius.                                                       

The kernel of the idea comes from remaking something new from something that you once loved and wore with joy into something you want to wear again. Make it a must-have again – something classic but still on-trend.


Transforming the mundane into the fabulous

It can be done in so many ways – here is one simple solution

You know that coat ?? That puffer coat from last year with all the pockets ?? and the zips?

That ubpictuyous coat (from you know where ) that was so on trend and you wanted it - and then it was literally everywhere. 

From The upper east side lady to the au pair in Tribeca?

It was all over the street and in so many colors right?  

And now you are so over it ? not a huge investment but now a little redundant and unworn in your wardrobe

LP the insider I mentioned came to us with a solution to recapture the love you once felt for it.

Here goes

Step 1

Take that coat or any standard puffer or puffy jacket or puffy vest  (stay tuned for more ideas to come)

Step 2

Get your fur, take your grandmother's fur, get your friends fur or guess what we have fur.

The idea is the reuse any amazing fur you have on hand (we do take a look to make sure it is viable)

Any fur – sheared works really well

Fur Remodel

Step 3

Sew fur into coat  * just the body and hood – we quilt the sleeves

Fur Remodel   Fur Remodel

Step 4

The hood!! We can trim the fur with your fur (we can combine more than one of your coats

If you have and mink coat and a fox coat?)

Or go in with a friend and combine both your coats – great way to use up unworn furs

Or Guesss what we have great pre-owned furs here or new fur as well

We can just put regular fur in – or we can super size it !! give it an amazing fluffy trim

 Fur Remodel  Fur Remodel

Believe me this will be warm and toasty enough

Sub zero temps, bring them on – you are ready for the Tundra – or just walking around with your light sweater underneath

But seriously, what is warmer and more luxe than this – Fur on the inside

Fur Remodel 

Plus very importantly it is SUSTAINABLE – Pologeorgis is known for luxury in furs and outerwear but we are also experts in remodeling furs, 

We are remaking previous owned garments and intermixing them with furs and luxury fabrics

WE are upcycling and customizing into the most unique of garments

This is making last years trendy and really disposable puffer coat into a more important trend setting piece

Fur Remodel Fur Remodel

The trend for 2020 – and beyond – is responsible for consuming, buying less and buying better quality.

Our informed client knew this and of course an ahead of the trend


The options are limitless – we are happy to give some suggestions for redesigns and pricing.

For more information call 212.563.2250 or e-mail info@pologeorgis.com.

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