Ralph Rucci + Pologeorgis. Fall Winter 23/24 Haute Couture Bespoke Fur Creations available to order at Pologeorgis.

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Posted on August 19 2023

Ralph Rucci + Pologeorgis. Fall Winter 23/24 Haute Couture Bespoke Fur Creations available to order at Pologeorgis.



Ralph Rucci + Pologeorgis. Fall Winter 23/24 Haute Couture Bespoke Fur Creations available to order at Pologeorgis.


Pologeorgis has worked with the extremely talented Couture Designer Ralph Rucci for almost two decades. Mr. Rucci is the only American Couture designer who has the honor of showing his collection at the Federation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode in Paris. Ralph Rucci has had an extraordinarily successful career and is approaching his 44th year as a fashion designer. He has received numerous awards and was the commencement speaker for the class of 2022 at Fashion Institute of Technology, his Alma Matta. Ralph Rucci has dressed the most important and fashionable celebrities of our time, Martha Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Iris Apfel, Patti Smith, and Lee Radizwell. He was also a close confidant of Andre Leon Talley.

Ralph Rucci crafts exquisite garments, using the most luxurious and highest quality fabrics and furs available. He favors double face cashmere, satins, and silks. The addition of high-quality furs was an obvious extension for this line. His signature fur is sable which he considers both sporty and luxurious.

Ralph Rucci is known for the precision of an architect and the artistry of a painter. Ralph Rucci and his team work very closely with Pologeorgis, a heritage brand who has been in business since 1960. Mr. Rucci oversees all the design and production. He selected Pologeorgis for their trained craftsman and artisans who specialize in fur and fur manufacturing. Pologeorgis is the only atelier in New York City who can handmake couture furs to the precise specifications and the satisfaction of Mr. Rucci. Each couture garment can take hundreds of hours to complete.

“Since 1980, I have been dependent, obsessed, and renewed working with the extraordinary fabrics. I work with excitement and true honor each season of being able to communicate through these timeless fabrics.”


Ralph Rucci and Pologeorgis have a long relationship based on the mutual respect that comes from being acknowledged as the best of the best in their respective fields. Nick Pologeorgis and Ralph Rucci select the pelts together to compliment his designs. Everything used in his designs must be the best, the highest quality Barguzine Sable, the best quality US mink, and premium chinchilla pelts. Nick Pologeorgis, President of Pologeorgis personally sources the pelts from all over the world for the Ralph Rucci collection.

Rucci’s signature techniques, including knotting and suspension, are all employed throughout the collection. “I always [think about] the way in which the hand can manipulate a garment [with] techniques and not look decorative but look intrinsically as part of it, organic.”

Pologeorgis and Ralph Rucci are both very interested and committed to sustainable fashion and ethical practices within the supply chain and manufacturing process.

Inspired by what he reports is a trend for vintage furs among young women, Rucci used FurMark-certified recycled fur in this collection, explaining that existing pelts are refurbished. These line the aforementioned parkas. A different kind of embrace is offered by the cocoon shape, as seen in Look 12.

There are also fur options — sable, super sheared corduroy mink, fox, and chinchilla — with the help of Pologeorgis recycled fur, an increasing trend among women in Paris, Rome and Spain, who are sporting updated versions of their mothers’ and grandmothers’ vintage furs. “A fur is redone and not re-killed. It’s a conscious way of validating and justifying the wearing and usage of fur,” said Rucci, adding that current relations with Russia have impacted the exporting of Russian sable pelts and was the impetus for repurposing pelts. As told to WWD

Ralph Rucci exclusive creations using fur by Pologeorgis. 


“Always an Extraordinary and Inspiring journey into the world of Couture through Ralph Rucci’s vision!”


Ralph Rucci has been featured in Vogue, WWD, Harpers Bazaar, The New York Times, W, and numerous international publications.

This fur collaboration is available exclusively at Pologeorgis and all fur items are available for custom order.

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