The fight against COVID-19 - Elaine Pologeorgis Hempstead

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Posted on April 13 2020

The fight against COVID-19 - Elaine Pologeorgis Hempstead

I grew up in fashion. My father founded POLOGEORGIS FURS in 1960 and I spent Saturdays and summers working in his showroom along with my siblings, Nick & Joan, in NYCs fabled garment district. Dressing well is practically a genetic trait for us - and thankfully so, since this is now my “go to” outfit.

Ten years ago I joined my local first aid squad and became an EMT.  While I’ve always worried about the people I treated and transported to the hospital (maybe 1 in 30 wouldn’t come home), today is very different.

Like every other first responder in every community around the globe, I now worry about every patient I see. And for a local squad like mine, many of our patients are also our neighbors and friends. We don’t get to leave this job behind when we go home - we live here.

I am truly lucky. Thanks to the foresight of my squad and the generosity of my town, I currently have what I need to respond.

But too many first responders and front line medical workers don’t. And it’s costing them their health and their lives and that of those close to them. 

Out here, clothes really do make the man - and the woman.  So please help. And stay safe at home. 

(To outfit those on the front lines with the personal protective equipment they need to fight COVID-19, visit your home state’s official website (i.e., or to see how you can help.)

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