5 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day During COVID-19

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Posted on April 21 2020

5 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day During COVID-19

As Stay at Home orders keep most of us from working outside the home, demands on Moms inside the home have doubled. With everyone home all day, every day, Moms are cooking, cleaning, laundering and grocery shopping more than ever  - and so deserve a lot of extra love this Mother’s Day. 


Even if you can’t visit your Mom due to social distancing orders, you can visit POLOGEORGIS.COM for the perfect Mother’s Day gift to pamper her from afar! 


This cozy pair of POLOGEORGIS slippers will remind her to put her feet up and relax.


Send her this luxe POLOGEORGIS throw to wrap up in for a well-deserved nap on the sofa. 

Fur Throw

These POLOGEORGIS pillows invite her to sit back and relax with a glass of wine and a book. 

 Fox Pillow

Or send her this POLOGEORGIS shawl to wear on her evening stroll and she’ll be the envy of the neighborhood, even from 6 feet away! 


Treat her to a chic POLOGEORGIS scarf so she can glam up for that zoom cocktail party with her girlfriends. 

 Sable Scarf

Can’t decide? Send your Mom on a virtual shopping spree with a POLOGEORGIS gift certificate ($150-$8000). Your gift will be exactly what she’s always wanted! 

 Pologeorgis Gift Card

From all of us at POLOGEORGIS- Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who’ve always kept us safe at home. 

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