The Return of the Roaring 20’s – What will this decade bring?

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Posted on March 24 2022

The Return of the Roaring 20’s – What will this decade bring?

Will history repeat itself? Many are predicting that the era of the 2020’s may be the new roaring 20’s.The original Roaring 20’s followed the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic which devastated society. This period was closely followed by a surging economy which created an era of major consumerism. In celebration of the end of prohibition there was a massive renaissance of arts and culture. A period of economic prosperity put the US in a great situation. People were enthused and motivated to get dressed again and spend money liberally after a time of somber inactivity. 

Are we approaching the new roaring 20’s?  Are you ready for it?? 

"US household income surged by record percentages, higher income, saving and spending are expected to help power a fast recovering economy – Wall Street Journal"- Wall Street Journal

It will also be the return of dressing up. We all look forward to sheading the past year and moving forward. Pologeorgis can help you return to dressing up in style.  We are moving into a more decadent time and people are ready to celebrate life and culture. The end of lockdown means the return of going out!!  There will be change and innovation.

People are ready to spend resources on high quality luxury merchandise such as fur and outerwear. There is a pent up desire to purchase furs such as mink, fox and sable. Revenge spending in a good way! Pologeorgis is ready with the created collection of the best furs and luxury outerwear

Following a year of imposed isolation from friends and family – it is time to enjoy going out. Restaurants are fully open in New York City and other US Cities.  Live music, theater and dance are back as well . There is a feeling of optimism in the air 

The Return of Dressing up – What will you wear??

Pologeorgis has so many options of fun furs, luxe furs and everyday furs!

Return of the Roaring 20’s.
Russian Sable Shrug                    The Amelia Chinchilla Cape

Fur Styles that are perfect for date night!            

The Cynthia Wool Trimmed Mink Fur Coat

 The Return of the Roaring 20’s


As vaccination rates sour and lockdowns restrictions are relaxed it will be an opportunity to mingle safely, travel and have fun. There is a pent up demand to socialize again. We are breaking out of our pods and leaving the zoom meeting beyond and going out! 

Invest in a new fur jacket or fur coat and get out and enjoy!

Cross mink and leather coat by Pologeorgis – Step out in style


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